Work From Home Skincare Tips

Are you spending more time in front of screens these days? While you may be indoors and getting less UV radiation, you are still being exposed to blue light (a part of the visible light spectrum) that comes from indoor lighting and computer/phone screens.

Visible light and UV light have different wavelengths and energies. Although visible light has not been linked to skin cancer, studies do show visible light can contribute to skin aging. When visible light is absorbed by the skin, reactive oxygen species form which lead to inflammation, collagen breakdown, and skin discoloration.

What can you do to protect yourself? Tinted mineral sunscreens are best to avoid visible light absorption. These products work by deflecting the light rays. UV Elements from EltaMD skincare is a great option. Daily antioxidant serums like the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic also help minimize skin damage from light. So even though we may all be inside more these days, don’t forget your antioxidants and look for a tinted physical (mineral) sunscreen. .

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