Dr. Vélez and Dr. Marous have advanced training in skin surgery and have performed thousands of skin procedures for the removal of both benign and cancerous growths. Seeing a skin reconstructive surgeon, such as Dr. Vélez and Dr. Marous, ensures that you are not only properly diagnosed, but also treated in the most cosmetically sensitive fashion.

Dr. Vélez, Dr. Marous and their staff aim to provide the highest quality of care possible for all their patients. Surgeries are performed in modern procedure rooms with surgical exam chairs and lighting. It is also important to note that in this era of cost conscious medicine where many patients have high deductibles, outpatient procedures lead to a much lower overall cost than if these procedures were performed in a hospital or surgical center.

Mohs micrographic surgery

Developed over 50 years ago, Mohs surgery is the most effective technique for removing the majority of skin cancers. Mohs surgery has the highest cure rates for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It is also considered a “tissue sparing” technique, meaning we are able to minimize how much normal tissue is removed by examining the tumor under the microscope the same day.

Mohs surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure performed in our office. Once the area is completely numbed, the tumor is removed and then processed in our office laboratory so that Dr. Vélez and Dr. Marous can examine the tumor under the microscope while the patient waits. If any tumor remains, more tissue is removed and processed in the laboratory until the margins are clear. Once the margins are clear, the surgical site is repaired or closed with the goal of giving the patient the best cosmetic outcome.

Removal of benign skin growths

There are a variety of benign skin growths that may bother a patient including cysts, lipomas (fatty growths), moles and birthmarks. Our team is trained to evaluate, diagnose and remove these lesions. They can discuss removal options with you and determine the best approach taking into consideration your concerns.

nail surgery

Dr. Vélez and Dr. Marous have significant experience in nail surgery for both the diagnosis and treatment of nail disorders and nail tumors. Skin cancer can occur on the nail and is often diagnosed later than cancer of the skin because of patient and provider reluctance to biopsy. Dr. Vélez and Dr. Marous have performed hundreds of nail surgeries. If you are in need of a nail procedure, she will help put you at ease and minimize your discomfort during and after the surgery.

american college of mohs surgery

Scan the QR code below to learn more about the Mohs procedure, and view before and after photography, from the American College of Mohs Surgery’s interactive resource guide