Top 5 Reasons to Love Pittsburgh Skin

It’s the season of love at Pittsburgh Skin! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we would share some of the top reasons our patients love our office.

Pittsburgh-Owned, Pittsburgh Proud

Our community is a very special place – we bleed black and gold, smile a little brighter with each Smiley Cookie or pierogi consumed, and always say hello to our neighbors. Small businesses are particularly full of that exceptional community pride, and Pittsburgh Skin is no exception. Dr. Vélez and Nadia DiClemente, Pa-C were born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. They are both honored to be able to practice dermatology in their hometown and they love sharing their knowledge of skin with their communities.

Warm and Friendly Environment

When Dr. Vélez founded Pittsburgh Skin back in 2019, her vision was to provide “the highest quality dermatologic care in a warm and friendly environment.” From day one, she’s lived into that mission, not only by creating a physical space that’s modern and inviting, but also by creating a work environment that’s fun for patients and staff alike. Patients often compliment the office on the staff’s welcoming demeanor at check-in, the staff’s knowledge and promptness of service, and how they feel truly listened to by every member of the Pittsburgh Skin team. Additionally, patients can join in on the fun outside of their scheduled visits by engaging with posts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to keep up with the latest skincare tips and have a little bit of fun! The office – both online and off – truly is a great place to be.

Mohs Surgical Treatment Options

Receiving a skin cancer diagnosis can be frightening. Thankfully, Pittsburgh Skin offers the most effective treatment technique available.

Mohs surgery is a single-day, outpatient procedure. Dr. Vélez removes a patient’s tumor and then analyzes the tissue under the microscope while the patient waits. If tumor remains, additional tissue is obtained. Once the cancer is removed, the surgical site is repaired. By having a laboratory on site, the office is able to ensure the cancer is completely removed that day. The cure rate with Mohs surgery is 97-99%, and this gives patients peace of mind.

One-Stop Shop for All Your Skincare Needs

Pittsburgh Skin offers treatment options in general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, making it a one-stop shop for most patient needs. Patients love the ability to address multiple skin concerns in a singular visit. Outside of their visit, patients also enjoy mail-order prescription services from a Pittsburgh-owned pharmacy (offering great rates!) and both an in-office and online store of dermatologist-recommend skincare products. The office truly makes it easy for patients to check every box off on their skincare to-do lists in just one short visit!

Technology, Simplified

Technology is ever-evolving in all aspects of our lives, including dermatologic care. Dr. Vélez and the staff at Pittsburgh Skin stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest advancements in medicine in order to bring only the best technology back to patients. Pittsburgh Skin is proud to offer both the Tetra CO2 Cool Peel and Denave vascular lasers, Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, sclerotherapy, and so much more.

The staff at Pittsburgh Skin believe that you can’t offer the best technology without also offering patients a crisp and clear understanding of it. That’s why the office is committed to providing in-depth explanations of treatment options and technologies available to patients during their visits, and a play-by-play of next steps during procedures. Patients often complement the practice on how staff made them feel so informed every step of the way, ultimately simplifying what could be a complex and confusing situation.