Our office specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, a unique and precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. Mohs surgery was developed by Dr. Frederick Mohs over 70 years ago and has evolved since then. This technique has the highest cure rate for skin cancer and is now the gold standard for treating skin cancer on the head and neck.

Perhaps the best part? Mohs surgery is done under local anesthesia in an outpatient office like that of Pittsburgh Skin. It is a one-and-done treatment option; you walk out of this same-day surgery only once the skin cancer is completely removed. That means that you also walk away with the peace of mind knowing that your cancer is fully treated.

Considering Mohs? Let Dr. Nicole Vélez walk you through the process.

Interviewer: “Dr. Vélez, what happens during a traditional Mohs procedure?”

Dr. Vélez: “During this surgery, we remove the tumor in our office, and then process the tissue in our lab so that I can examine the tumor under the microscope. The patient undergoes just a short wait in our office to ensure that the entire cancer is gone. If cancer remains, we bring the patient back to the room to remove more. Once the tissue margins are clear, the defect is closed with sutures. Mohs surgeons are trained in facial reconstruction. In repairing the wound that remains, I take into consideration the patient’s facial features and skin type. Each repair is individualized to the patient with the goal of giving them the best cosmetic result.”

Interviewer: “What are the benefits to this surgery?”

Dr. Vélez: “Peace of mind is primary, as the same-day microscopic review ensures that our patients leave my office knowing that their skin cancer is completely gone before we close the cancer site. This procedure also allows us to minimize how much normal tissue we remove because we only remove more if needed.”

Interviewer: “What are the risks?”

Dr. Vélez: “Like any surgical procedure, there is a risk of post-operative bleeding, pain, and tenderness. Infection is uncommon but can occur. There will always be a scar after surgery, but in general our patients are very pleased with their results.”

Interviewer: “What do you enjoy most about the Mohs surgery specialization of your practice?”

Dr. Vélez: “As a Mohs surgeon, I get to see the skin cancer both on my patient and under the microscope. This gives me a unique perspective in how I counsel and treat my patients. Mohs truly has become the gold standard for most skin cancers, especially those formed on the head and neck. I’m happy to provide this successful surgical alternative to my patients!”

There you have it! Mohs surgery is a fantastic alternative to more traditional skin cancer treatment options, and is available at Pittsburgh Skin via board certified and fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, Dr. Nicole Vélez. Want to know more? Simply call Pittsburgh Skin at 412-206-2966 to set up a consultation.