At Pittsburgh Skin, our goal is to make you feel and look your best. As board certified dermatologists who trained with leaders in the field of cosmetic dermatology, our providers will listen to your concerns, evaluate your anatomy and offer treatments that provide the most natural and effective results.

Xeomin®, Dysport® and Daxxify®

These are both FDA approved medications that temporarily relax facial muscles to soften unwanted wrinkles. Injections of Xeomin®, Dysport® and Daxxify® and other similar compounds (Botulinum Toxins, “Botox”), are the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. These injections are very effective and have minimal downtime. Every day facial movements such as squinting, frowning and smiling create lines in our face. By relaxing the muscles of the face, these injections help soften existing lines and prevent deepening of wrinkles. While facial expression is an important part of life, wrinkles don’t have to be.

filler injections

As we age, we naturally lose volume under our eyes an in our cheeks. These changes cause wrinkles and contribute to a tired appearance. Dermal fillers help restore volume. The effects are immediate and often last up to a year. There are several FDA-approved dermal fillers that we use, including Restylane®, RHA® and Radiesse®. At Pittsburgh Skin, all fillers are injected by our providers.

medium and deep peels

Chemical peels are performed in our office to help treat unwanted brown spots, acne, scarring and textural irregularity of the skin. Often a combination of peels is used to achieve the best results. Our providers will evaluate your skin carefully and choose a chemical peel that best addresses your concerns. Pre and post peel care will also be carefully reviewed.


Also known as Epidermal Collagen Induction therapy, microneedling is an innovative treatment that treats acne, fine lines and scars. By creating microscopic trauma to the skin, the tiny needles help trigger development of new collagen and elastin to improve facial volume and texture. Microneedling can be combined with the application of platelet rich plasma to further stimulate collagen production. Results do take several weeks and are best after 3 treatments. Unlike resurfacing lasers, microneedling has minimal downtime

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The benefits of PRP in dermatology are a relatively new discovery although PRP has been used to treat a variety of other medical conditions. Platelets, which are a component of our blood, are rich in growth factors. When injected into the scalp, these growth factors have been shown to stimulate new hair growth. In the face, PRP can be injected or combined with microneedling to help stimulate collagen production and restore volume loss. PRP is obtained by drawing blood and then spinning the blood in a centrifuge to extract the concentrated platelets. Once the concentrated PRP is obtained, it is used to treat you that same day in our office.

Tetra CO2 Cool Peel

CO2 lasers have long been the gold standard in treating wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes as well as tightening skin and balancing tone. Traditional CO2 treatments however have long been associated with considerable downtime. The precision and the control of the Cool Peel allows you to get the skin resurfacing benefits without the downtime and risk.

DenaVe Vascular Laser

DenaVe is our laser of choice for rosacea and vascular lesions like birthmarks, port wine stains, cherry angiomas, spider angiomas, and broken blood vessels because it reduces the red components of the skin. It works by using a 585 nanometer wavelength (the traditional gold standard for treating vascular lesions like those associated with rosacea and broken blood vessels) to shrink blood vessels. DenaVe’s advantage is that it delivers laser energy in multiple microscopic pulses rather than one large continuous wavelength. This different delivery method results in significantly less pain while minimizing the risk of bruising, swelling, and downtime for patients.